Duo and Group Acrobatics

DSC00995Duo Acrobatics is known under many names, such as Hand to Hand, Partner Acrobatics, Acro balance or Adagio.

It is a great way to meet new people, learn acrobatic skills and trust in a partnership.

There are 2 rolls in Hand to Hand: Basing and Flying. The Base is usually the person who has most contact with the floor and will be supporting or holding the flyer. The Flyer is usually the person who is being held up and holding the cool shapes. In our Hand to Hand classes you will be given the opportunity to try both of these rolls or, if you have a preference, you can stick to just basing or flying.

Acro 1There are so many different counter-balances, cool shapes and acrobatic skills to do in hand to hand. We will also develop skills like handstands so we can do handstands on other people.

Group Acrobatics is also included in these classes. This can be anywhere from 3 or more people and includes towers, pyramids and throwing each other into the air and re-catching. We always work with a safe ethic and basics will be drilled to ensure your safety. The possibilities are endless and it is definitely the most fun thing to do at Acrobatic Movement… After all, things are always more fun when doing it with other people!


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