Ash-and-Jaymie-HandstandIn our handstand classes you will learn the technique and foundations of the perfect handstand. We will help you take your handstand to the next level with new shapes, exercises and conditioning. The classes are perfect for those who are just starting or for those who wish to compliment their current training. We will work on everything from basic handstand alignment and progress towards working on 1 arm handstands and some awesome shapes! The classes are suitable for all levels, so come along and give it a go!

Jaymie holds coaching qualifications in both gymnastics and tumbling, is a qualified Personal Trainer and has trained handstands with world-renowned handstand teacher Alexander (Sasha) Gavrilov in Stockholm, Sweden.

Why Handstands?

It is extremely beneficial for your body to get upside down and extend the spine!

Most of us spend all day compressing our spine from the stress of gravity and constantly sitting at computer screens. Getting upside down helps to reveres the normal curve that becomes exaggerated as a result of our everyday lives and can prevent back problems from developing.


Acrobatic Movement are not running any Handstand classes at this time. Great teachers and good friends of ours are running handstand classes around Bristol. If you are interested in participating in these classes, head over to Bristol Handstands.


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